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Sa., 13. Jan.



Art Exhibition By Nora Ancheva Tyufekchieva

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Art Exhibition By Nora Ancheva Tyufekchieva
Art Exhibition By Nora Ancheva Tyufekchieva

Time & Location

13. Jan. 2024, 18:30 – 20:30

Berlin, Rykestraße 23, 10405 Berlin, Alemania

About the event

Light grants us the ability to perceive both color and space, unraveling the richness of our surroundings. Spaces come alive and become habitable realms. Color waves directly influence our emotional landscape, offering cues about ripeness, flavor, comfort, peculiarity, or danger. The dance of space and color is as intertwined as our connection with them. External space shapes us, and in return, we shape the external.

The piece 'Space and Color' emerges from a fusion of installation media, acrylic and pastel paintings, and their photographic counterparts, harmonized with cosmic imagery from the European Southern Observatory. These elements converge in a video that bridges physical objects, installations, and drawings with the ethereal dispersion of color waves in space, casting us as the perceptive protagonists.

The installation, resembling a canvas painted with primary colors and inhabited by three spectral entities, is veiled in a net sponge. The net, dyed in the hues of the sky and sunlight, undulates—an echo of color waves and space, both comprised of particles and waves. Symbolizing the transmission of vibrations from space and color through sound and the spectrum of visible light to our senses and among us as human beings, the waves of the net convey a profound interconnectedness.

This interplay between the external and internal, the transmission of emotions, and our interconnected existence — part of a grander whole extending into the cosmos — is a revelation that seldom unfolds in our consciousness. To capture the essence of infinite space, the photographic portrayal of the installation is seamlessly woven with images from the European Southern Observatory and a photograph showcasing a person in mid-hover amidst celestial bodies.

In essence, we are both space and architects of meaning within it, as it colors us inside and out, influencing how we engage with the world. In our small realm, we hold significance, yet in the vast tapestry of existence, we are but a fleeting presence — a realization that could liberate us from the grip of mortality. Perhaps, in recognizing this, we may cultivate kindness and focus on cherishing the brief time we have before transforming into stardust. Within us resides the dual nature of the world — an existence and non-existence. Let this awareness encourage us to embrace a broader perspective, transcending the physical limitations of our immediate vantage point."


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