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Fr., 14. Juni



Retreat Yoga & Art

Yoga & Art Retreat is a safe space for you to relax and feel secure to explore your emotions or sensations that city life sometimes distracts us from listening to and being with ourselves.

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Retreat Yoga & Art
Retreat Yoga & Art

Time & Location

14. Juni 2024, 14:00 – 19. Juni 2024, 11:00

Lumbarda, Lumbarda, Croacia

About the event

On this trip in a small group of max. 10 participants you will embark on a pause from the hustle and bustle of daily life and slow down with us.

Together we will take deep breaths and have nice conversations, getting to know each other, the Island and ourselves a bit more.

In this, yoga and the unique nature of the Lumbardian Island will serve us as the perfect facilitators.

Together, we will rise towards abundance applying a mix of the following styles and practices:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Art exercises
  • relaxing and inspiring rituals

Yoga & Art Retreat is a safe space for you to relax and feel secure exploring your emotions and sensations, which are often ignored and not listened to in our busy, city lives.  That's why we have created a carefully curated and comfortable environment where you don't have to do anything but relax and enjoy yourself. We take care of the rest.

Boaré has meticulously designed each activity to gradually guide you to a new discovery within yourself, where through movement, mindfulness, and art, you can feel confident in yourself. You will encounter parts of yourself you thought you didn't have, and by the end of this retreat, you will feel that a new part of you has awakened.


You will be accommodated in maison lucante in a private room with private bathroom and air condition, 500m from the beach

Inspired by the surrounding landscape the house was designed to make your visit a unique, comfortable and fun experience. 

-   3 double rooms to share (king bed) with ensuite bathroom

-   1 double rooms to share (king bed) with mezzanine with 2 additional single beds and ensuite bathroom


The vegetarian meals: breakfast, lunch snack and dinner will be served family-style, around a large table, providing the perfect setting for engaging in long conversations encouraged by the warmth of a crackling fireplace. This creates an ideal atmosphere to rediscover the "human" dimension of the meal, emphasizing conviviality.

Please,  report any intolerances/allergies when booking


14.06 Day 1: Leaving the city behind

9.00 - 10.30:  Arrival, accommodation and space recognition - Welcome healthy juices and snacks

11.00: Introduction about the retreat - Yoga practice - Carol

13.00: Organic Lunch

14.00:  Free time at the beach to rest & relax

17.30:  Meditation at the beach - Healing & Creative Meditation - Carol

19.00:  Yin & Restorative Yoga - Carol

20.00: Organic Dinner Experience

22.00: Nidra Yoga - Carol

15.06 Day 2 - Recognising my feelings

8.00: Somatic Yoga - Carol

9.30: Breakfast

11.00: Conscious Silent Walk - Carol

13.00: Organic Lunch

14.00: Free Time at the beach rest & relax

17.30: Art Creative Experience - Ilinca

20.00: Silent Dinner

22.00: Nidra & Sankalpa - Carol

16.06 Day 3 - Going deeper

8.00: Creative & Somatic Yoga - Carol

9.30: Breakfast

11.00: Human design - Who are you? - Carol

13.00: Organic Lunch

14.00: Free Time at the beach rest & relax

17.00:  Kundalini Energy Activation & Art Experience - Carol & Ilinca

20.00: Blindfolded Dinner Experience to activate the senses

22 - Meditation

17.06 Day 4 Acceptance

8.00: Yoga & Movement Exploration - Carol

9.30: Breakfast

11.00: Recall Emotional State Meditation - Carol

12.00: Free Time to integrate

13.00: Organic Lunch

14.00: Free Time at the beach rest & relax

17.00: Art Experience - Ilinca

20.00 Dinner

22.00 Dream Walk

18.06 Day 5 - Radiance

8.00: Yoga & Movement Exploration - Carol

9.30: Breakfast

11.00: Anchor Meditation to the new State - Carol

12.00: Free time to enjoy/Journaling your thoughts and experiences so far

13.00: Lunch

14.00: Beach Time rest & relax/ Visit to the vineyard

18.30: Ecstatic Dance to celebrate new life - Carol & Ilinca

20.00 Dinner Experience at the beach

19.06 Day 6 - Sweet Come Back

8.00: Meditation to close

9.30: Breakfast

11.00: Bye bye and see you soon

It is not necessary to carry a mat


Caro Boaré @caroboare, Gianluca Collaborating @ironshirt.chi, Willi Winkler


Early Bird: 1300 Euros Until 30 April

Later, 1600 Euros



Travel by plane to Split or Dubrovnik. Flight and journey organisation will be communicated once you made your booking.


Carol: 1778911341

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