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Wednesdays 08:00pm

  • 1 h
  • 18 Euro
  • Rykestraße

Service Description

In my Yin Yoga classes, I love adding Sound Healing because it's such a beautiful combo. Yin yoga is all about holding those asanas for 3 to 5 minutes, keeping it chill and mellow. It's a chance for your body and mind to totally surrender to the sensations and thoughts that flow through. You see, each asana hits different meridians, nerve points, organs, and glands, which can mess with your hormones, emotions, and thoughts. By staying in these still poses, we can tune in and pay attention to what's going on inside—how we're feeling, what's going on physically, and what kind of thoughts are popping up. During my classes, I carefully select specific asanas to awaken those special vibes, and I'm right there by your side, helping you make sense of it all. It's all about processing the info that comes your way through your own sensations, ya know? And here's where Sound Healing steps in, my friends. It's like a superpower that helps you let go of anything you realize you no longer need. The vibrations seep into your very being, creating this magical passage for your body and mind to release anything that's holding you back from transformation.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Classes will be canceled one hour before start if no bookings have been made until then.

Contact Details

  • BOARÉ Yoga Art Studio, Rykestraße 23, Berlin, Germany

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